Pornhub Presents: Premium Places

The April 1st jokes start to popup and Pornhub, the biggest porn site in the world, likes to take a piece of it.
Residents of villages or cities with an explicit name get a free Premium subscription, it is in a video on YouTube.

With the stunt, the website wants to attract more visitors and inspire residents of a village or city with an ambiguous name.
The names of those cities or villages now fall under the ‘Official Pornhub Premium Place’.
Among others, the cities of La Vagina, Orgy, Pussy, Climax and Condom are on the list.
The Austrian village of Fucking is considering a name change because the place board is stolen too often.
Closer to home there is the town of Rectum in the Netherlands, Titz in Germany and Pissy in France. For the time being, the village of Beffe (Province of Luxembourg) is not yet a Premium Place in the Ardennes.

Pornhub joke

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